Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Sprint is killing off Virgin Mobile USA

Logo of the brand Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile is a wireless...Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

We lost the excellent Virgin America airline a few years back, and the virtual cellular network that owes its name to Sir Richard Branson may soon be on its way out too. Sprint announced today that it’s going to be shutting down Virgin Mobile USA starting on February 2nd, transferring existing customers to Boost Mobile instead.

An FAQ on Virgin Mobile USA’s website doesn’t specify a particular date the shutdown will be complete, but does say that customers can get a head start on the transfer to Boost if they want. It’s possible you won’t notice much of a difference. A Sprint spokesperson told FierceWireless that customers will be able to keep the same phone and keep paying the same price, and you’ll still technically be on the same Sprint network.

That said, you may need to change how you pay for Boost Mobile, as the company says it won’t be supporting PayPal accounts or 45/90 Day top-ups.

This isn’t the end of Virgin Mobile, by the way. While its Australian counterpart (run by Optus) is also currently being phased out, it’s still a cellular brand in Sir Richard Branson’s native UK. But these days, Branson has his sights set a bit higher than cellular.

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